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OK we’re back on with the Kindle-Pi. :-)
I rolled back the archlinux config as I must have changed something adversely affecting the stability.
The story so far…

In trying the command (from an Xterm):

xinit /usr/bin/openbox -- /usr/bin/x11vnc :1 -geometry 1200x824 -depth 16 -dpi 160 -alwaysshared –lazytight

I just get errors depending on which x device I try to connect to:

:0 fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server “;0”
:1 unable to connect to X server: Connection refused

I’ve had more success with (from an Xterm):

x11vnc –fbport 5901 –geometry 800x600 –shared -forever

but unrecognised options were: -depth 16 –dpi 16 –lazytight

Now I have a complete rendering of the RPi screen on the Kindle … but, its far too small to be of practical use as my monitor is 1824x984 so scaled to 800x600 it looks small.

Some questions:

1. How can I reduce the size of the X desktop to improve the scaling?
2. Can I start the X as a “virtual” console at an 800x600 res?
3. If I want to automate the start up of Xorg so that it and x11vnc starts on boot.
4. Can I rotate the screen in the vncviewer? I think I recall an earlier post saying No.
5. How do I quit from vncviewer? E.g. if I forget to rotate the Kindle screen first, then need to quit vncviewer to rotate and then go back.

The aim eventually is to be able to have the option boot the Pi and use the Kindle as the console without the HDMI Monitor, only connecting my the monitor when needed.

Thanks for any advice offered.
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