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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Some users asked me to show how to disassemble the M92.

Here are the pictures of the process:

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so I disassembled again my M92S just to pin point the differences with your device and some truths have to be told

in the m92s, as obvious, the orange wacom sheet and the controller board is not present, not even the wifi chip and the "ant1" antenna is present..
as I just told this is obvious, but the lack of the wacom sheet that in the original project was for sure considered make some space between the e-ink screen and the plastic case..
so that if you just press a bit on the screen you have about 4mm of free space between eink screen and plastic case..

the screen.. judging by your photos the m92 screen seems quite whiter than the m92s one.. maybe just a subjective impression but I would not be surprised if they think to mount the worst screens in the m92s models..
that 1.11 number ...

the firmware: differently by the m92 there is not an updated firmware for m92s as far I know, being a product specifically conceived for russian market..
I tried the latest one for m92.. it works but slows down the device and has a lot of icons and gadgets (for the wacom pen etc..) that point to nothing in the m92s

and at least the electronic components ..
while the cpu chip and the internal storage chip are the same..
the memory chip is different, it is not an elpida module but an Hynix Mobile DDR H5MS2G22AFR module..
I would be curious to know if this module is slower or of with less capacity than the m92 elpida one.

in the end I'm not very happy of my purchase..
most likely thinking that I had no need of the scribble lead me to lose some other things.

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