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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Did you flash a main kernel that is the same version as the main mmcblk0p1 image you wrote with "dd" in diags?

Can you boot to main by using MfgTool.

Also, the commands you showed do not include the "rm /mnt/us/ENABLE_DIAGS step.
Yes, I believe I did.

I haven't tried to boot to main using MfgTool.

I did try that command, and got the error described in the guide, so I did what the guide said:

NB: rm /mnt/us/ENABLE_DIAGS could give you this error:
rm: canít remove Ď/mnt/us/ENABLE_DIAGSí: No such file or directory
This happens because you donít have any ENABLE_DIAGS file in /mnt/us. If so, don't bother and jump to next command (idme -d --bootmode main).
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