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Device: kindle keyboard (wifi + 3g)
EDIT: Static compiled version appeared to work. Now to flash it.

I was able to create a kernel image with the static builds NiLuJe provided using:
./kindletool create ota --device k3g . updatek3g.bin

And the flash result:

LilArooni ~/development/k3flasher: sudo ./k3flasher mx35to2_mmc.bin program 0x00041000 updatek3g.bin
W: cannot find device (is it in USB loader mode? are you root?) - waiting for it.......
I: success.
I: found suitable device
E: wrong transfer length, wanted to receive 8 bytes but received 4 bytes.
I: above error can be ignored, it's due to the device being in ROM kernel mode
I: RAM kernel should be running now. Trying to re-open device: .
I: got it.
I: size is not a multiple of 512
I: flashing 0x00019b29 (=105257) bytes
I: wrote 0x00019b29 (=105257) bytes, waiting for completion...
I: flashed 0x00010000 (=65536) bytes
I: flashing of 0x00019b29 (=105257) bytes complete
And the Kindle? Still looks bricked to me. Still stuck on library screen and reset does nothing. Not exactly sure why the updatek3g.bin file is only 103KB.... maybe I did something wrong at that step.

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