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Update Device Rather Than Delete and Resend to Device?

Now that I have a ton of books on my Kindle Touch, I realize that I should have included series info in the book titles to facilitate sorting. Do I need to delete all the poorly named books from the device and then resend the well-named substitutes to the device, or is it possible to do a sync without deleting the books already on the device? If one can fix the names with a sync only (i.e. without deleting the books already on the device), how does one do that kind of sync?

P.S. If all I do is change the file name and resend it to my Touch, I create a duplicate file on the device. The original file stays on the device, along with the new, renamed version. So I guess my question is, is there a sync function that replaces the old version on the device with the renamed version sent to the device, or am I stuck with deleting and resending every book that I want to rename for better sorting?

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