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Kindle 4NT Will Not Boot

So, from another thread I posted in:

Under the advice of a friend, I followed the instructions in this video:

I'm using a K4, non-touch, that came with special offers but I paid the $30 to remove them. I was under the impression that it was the same device once they were paid for. Well, 3 problems.

-The custom screensavers do not work
-The area in the original screensavers, and main menu, that used to say 'please connect to get special offers' are back.
-The device will not update, and gets error u006
Since then, I have followed the noob guide located here: under the de-bricking section.

Now it won't even boot. It sits at a screen that is partially filled with black. It just looks like a few streaks. Hard to explain. I can post a pic if needed.

I can still fastboot it, and I can run putty commands. Beyond that, i'm stuck.

If anyone could offer some assistance I would be greatly appreciative. I just want to flash it back to stock, and never, ever try this again.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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