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Ectaco Jetbook Color most wanted features

Hello All,

I just wanted to make a survey about the most wanted features for future firmware developments of the Ectaco Jetbook Color. Once I have a list of features, I will put it in a poll to see how many persons are interested and communicate it to Ectaco. Communicating with them, they told me that they put the necessary effort to develop a feature depending on the number of requests.

I will try to update this first post with the list of features that you provide

On 07/11/2012, the list of features I have are:

- page crop
- ms office document compatibility
- color invert (black background and white text)
- custom zoom
- server folder synchronization (drop box or other)
- merge annotations in a single pdf
- text bolding
- Arabic font support
- Web browser
- native double column reading for pdf (goes down when the page is turned and then goes up and right)
- different colors for annotating
- ical calendar support (useful also for schools)
- Note taking in epub
- possibility to open menu when zoomed for pdf
- CBR/CBZ, .HLP/CHM, ODT, DJVU support
- TTS improvement on reading full pages or books (remove long pauses between sentences; TTS works ok on selected text, even multiple sentences, but takes too long on non-selected text: eg: full page or book read)
- Graphical calculator with at least 2 variables
- OGG/WMV/aac audio support
- PDF landscape reading for 2 pages
- Image browser (there's just a file browser, but if images are unpacked in a directory, the slideshow function does not really work).
- Long press buttons: 'back' going to main menu or 'home' screen, canceling or breaking current activity (like a soft reset button, or a CTRL+ALT+DEL on windows), 'Menu' going to options instead of recording audio, 'ok' record audio, Left/right: 10 pages back/ahead; Up/Dn: 5 pages back/ahead.
- Within image viewer: by default center zoom,and stretch/shrink image to fit screen. Give option to stretch/shrink without keeping aspect ratio (good for scanned documents with text).
- Improve the GUI (menu structure) in books (use icons instead of large text menu's).
- Improve menu structure to get faster where the user wants to be.
- Loading the library takes too long when there are files on the SD card.
- When using the scribble pen, to scribble on the page, a full page refresh is necessary when skipping to a new page. As the pen uses a brownish red, not black, as a base color, so it has ghosting.
- Use black as base color for the scribble.
- Increase memory for scribble, device ceases to operate after writing 2 sentences on the screen.
- Change tapping behavior with the stylus: Center tap the screen=refresh page, tap on top= menu bar(displays TTS, pen style (drawing/selecting/erasing), dictionary..), tap bottom = in book menu(chapter, bookmarks, history), tap left and right= previous and next page.
- Graphical driver update to display colors more vibrantly
- OS sometimes tend to get stuck (and the blue led remains on). This causes battery depletion.
- Connection issues with connecting the device to a PC, sometimes the device is not recognized,and a hard reset is necessary.
- PDF zoom in on the center, not on the top left. Enable panning with stylus.
- Display images or PDF documents in the center, not on the left side. If they are made for widescreen resolutions (16/9 or 16/10) the image has a wide margin on the right. It will look nicer when the right margin would be symmetric with the left margin.

ps: many of these points are taken from suggestions in different threads so don't hesitate to comment on them or to let me know if some have already been implemented in a previous firmware update.


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