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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
Only problem with that, this is Linux, not Windows.
Nothing about the executable search path ($PATH) affects locating libraries either at build time or at run time.

At build time -
The tool chain looks in both "trusted" library locations: /lib and /usr/lib by default.
That search path and order may be changed by compiler options (which get passed on to the program linker) with the -L/path option(s).
Similar for locating the header files (which your program isn't finding), only then the option(s) is -I/path
Plus, the order of the options matter, because the linker is single pass. Unless the single pass behavior is altered with the start group/end group options.

Prefix_Index -> Tools_Index#Technical_References
And you will find a link to the gcc on-line manuals.
You're right I was confused about how general compilation works and how the $PATH var does not affect it.

That being said, the Makefile was broken, and wouldn't compile on my computer and presumably the patcher's box... and thanks to a patch its now fixed... see earlier posts. or as you would put it, "Go RTFT".

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