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Originally Posted by kumaryu View Post
As noted elsewhere, many of the issues along these lines appear to occur with EPUBs that have been created by the users as opposed to those available commercially.
If that is true, that is probably because when someone makes an epub available commercially, they fiddle around with it until it works on the various ereaders they are trying to sell it on.

The problem may be in the resulting size or the method of conversion. That said however, although we have the standards for EPUB widely available, the end-user tools that we have to make the conversion still appear to be in its infancy. (The standard tool available, Sigil is version 0.5x)
Size? Method of conversion? What is wrong with the size in the epubs I made with calibre? They are no larger than they have to be as can be easily seen if one unzips them and looks at the files. "Method of conversion?" Don't know what that means. I do know that if I remove the colons from the attribute values of the name field in the <a> tags, like I said in the original post, the epubs work fine on the Kobo. Perhaps colons are not allowed in these locations in epubs, and the Kobo is way ahead of all those other epub readers that stupidly read these files fine, when instead they could hang or crash like the Kobo does when encountering them?

I wonder therefore, whether the issue (bug) is with the quality of EPUB files and the tools we use to make the conversion?
I highly doubt it. Note also there is clearly a problem with the Kobo processing content: it HANGS or CRASHES. No program should do that. And if it hangs or crashes while processing 1000 files, it copies NONE of them successfully even if has successfully processed 999 files, and the problem is in the last file. It gives no clue which file it has had a problem with, leaving the user with a real headache of a task.

None of these very poor features can be attributed to the tools users have used to make epubs. Epubs which, by the way, in my case, can be read by every other epub reader I have (okular, sigil, fbreader, calibre).
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