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EPUB to MOBI blockquote problems


After successfully managing to convert a CHM file to an EPUB file I had a very good result. There are just two small but repetitive problems when converting it from EPUB to MOBI using Calibre. I am still trying to sort this and am hoping someone else has had a similar problem.

I converted first to EPUB so that I could use Sigil to edit any errors.

The problems seem to be caused by the <blockquote> tag when looking at the EPUB file using Sigil. The EPUB file converted from CHM seems to use this as the equivalent of a tab on WORD. Sigil's WYSIWYG view shows no errors but when converting to MOBI my Kindle has the following two problems.

1.) Wording for Notes, Tips and Cautions are indented far too much on the Kindle.

2.) Entries on a listing using either numbers or no numbers have a break after the number or symbol the text on the next line

The code on Sigil looking to cause the first problem is as follows

<table border="0" class="calibre16" valign="top">
<tr class="calibre17" valign="top">
<td class="calibre18" valign="top"></td>

<td class="calibre18" valign="top"><span class="bold calibre19">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Note&nbsp ;</span></td>

<td class="calibre18" valign="top">

<blockquote class="calibre32">

'wording for note'


Initially there were as many as three blockquotes in a row but reducing this to one partly solved the problem. There is still a gap of around 1.3 cm

The code on Sigil looking to cause the second problem is as follows

<ol class="calibre58">
<li class="calibre41" value="1">
<blockquote class="calibre32">
wording for line

I will be gratefull in anyone had any advice.


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