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Originally Posted by hawhill View Post
In ATK, the flash size will only be shown after a successful operation involving the flash.

I've checked carefully and noticed the following:
- my device drops out of USB downloader mode very soon when there is no USB cable connection to my PC
- my device also drops out of USB downloader mode very soon when no communication is happening between the PC and the device. I guess that should be done by a properly installed USB driver, but I'm not sure about that yet.

BTW, the promised libusb(x/-1.0) based approach I wrote is ready for testing:
weird...ATK showed me the flash size in the working one from the beginning, even before pressing the dump key.
Did a little playing around with entering the download mode, easiest thing was to open the device manager, hold the power button, wait till the iMX35 disappears then press vol -, release the power button and a second later the vol -.

Tried it on the broken one, seemd to work but was not able to load the kernel into ram, allways failed to write to flash.
Connection got reset on a second try, which accorrding to the iMX35 manual is normal, the watchdogtimer checks the function and blocks after 32 seconds, another reset is needed after that.
Also explains why it drops out if no connection is there.

But my final diagnosis on my bricked one...its a paper weight.
Charged the battery in the working one, it worked flawlessly in there and swapping it back made no difference.
Absolutely no output on the serial port.
Not beeing able to dump, program or erase even though I was pretty sure about beeing in download mode probably means the memory is fried.

Would have liked to contribute a bit more, but playing around with my girls K3 seems a bit too risky, especially because she needs it for our holidays starting saturday.
The USB download mode is surely the best solution, enables a "fire and forget" option and is way less cost intensive and complicated then the serial upload.

Will join the libusb tryouts as soon as I get my own working K3 (probably end of August) and as soon as a working Win7 solution is available ;D
Only problem I see would be how a noob could get the .bins from the .img files.
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