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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
You can add a menu item that does the "killall" shown in my previous post.

The gmplay source code is provided. It *could* have touch or button support added to it. I generally publish stripped down demo programs that just show the minimum parts needed to support what is being demonstrated (little or no error handling or other support).

Some of my published scripts (like the "geekmaster signature capture" script) could have portions converted to C to add to gmplay, if you want touchscreen support). I have provided a lot of support code in various demos. You just need to "glue together" the pieces you want to use...
ok, but then to my earlier question, do you have any idea how to add the | symbol in the zcat gmvid.gmv.gz|./gmplay command to the xterm keyboard? or is there another terminal emulator with that symbol? because I don't know of another way to launch gmplayer from the kindle without that symbol...

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