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on the go... alright, immersive reading- not for me

Originally Posted by tINmOUSE View Post
Hi there.

Hey (I just about always hit these introduction messages with questions - I'm just annoying that way) I see you have an itouch. Hows that working out as a reading platform?

I use the itouch if I'm out and about and desperate to read something, I'd never read a whole book on it, it's too fiddly and the battery dies easily. I really like my PRS505 as it is quite stylish, but will be interested in getting a UK kindle if the ever launch over here, I love the wifi buy a book / magazine / newspaper in about 90 seconds aspect. That said, Sony claim that they are working on the wifi aspect, so maybe I can avoid Amazon and their evil plans for continued world domination!

thanks all for the welcome!
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