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I discovered your forum shortly after purchasing my Kindle. I am amazed by both the amount and the quality of literature here! I suppose I should do what the front page says and introduce myself.

I was a minister once upon a time, but I now do software support for financial institutions. (Long story, and probably boring.) My children have grown, and I seem to have more time on my hands than I used to.

For me, reading is a priority shortly following breathing. I spend about two hours a day on the bus, and a good book makes that time the highlight of the day. My primary interests are theology and spirituality. Of these, my focus is primarily Christian theology and Christian mysticism, but I have an interest in Jewish and Sufi texts as well, and at least a curiosity about Buddhism. I can get into fiction sometimes as well (I'm not quite as stuffy as I sound).

I've learned to format quit a bit from HTML, mainly from and

Again, I wish to express my gratitude for this site, and all the work done in making all this literature available.

--Old Narnian
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