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Originally Posted by PoP View Post
@Hawhill nice to see your progress. Keep it up please.

Others thanks for trying and suggesting. I'll continue following the thread.

I went from Win7-64 ringo to Win7-32 jungo, then to VBox/XP, then from ATK 1.66 to 1.67... alas, like may of you, I never got ATK to connect with my Kindle. I feel a bit foolish since my Kindle is fine and in no need to be recovered... yet. guess I'll wait for a fool proof procedure.

Ah well, this mumbo jumbo at least inspired me to update my profile details

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Question would be...did you set your your Kindle into download mode by holding the powerswitch on "ON" until the light wents out, then simultaneously pressing the VOL - and then releasing both buttons? As far as I understood that is the only way to make the tool work .
Should at least work in a Virtual XP, I do not think the ATK drivers are meant for Win7
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