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Originally Posted by Lynx-lynx View Post
BobandJoyce did you get the info I posted in the Other devices thread in response to your request:

I'll post it again:

do the following in order to side load Calibre based books onto your Playbook:

plug your PB into your pc

Open 'My Computer', flag key + E

Wait till you see that the Playbook drive is showing as one of the drives, and open out the file structure so that you can see Books

Open Calibre

Highlight the book/s that you want to 'Save to Disk' (one of the icon headings on the top line of Calibre)

Click on Save to Disk, and select Save only EPub format (if that's what you want)

When the dialogue box opens click on Books in the Playbook drive

The book/s will then copy onto your PB.

You will find them in Files and Folders


Please reply back ..... I don't know if you've already got the info your required.
I followed these steps and copied the books on my PB. However, when i browse the files in the PB. I don't see them... I understand that i don't see them in the Kobo App but i can't see them using Adobe Reader or simply in the file folders. I've read various threads recommending an App called Ebook reader i believe. I went to the BB store and saw two readers with very similar names. I'm not sure wich one is the better of the two. One sells for .99$ the other for 1.99$
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