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ok...charged my K3 for over a day on the wall charger...
Left it lying on its own for a day and charged again over the night.
Reading here that the LED does not show when the battery is full is not very encouraging...
First time charging it took qute some time till the LED went off, last night it went on for about 30 minutes and then off again. when I woke up this morning it was off and swithced on again for a few minutes. From that I would have concluded that it is fully charged and recharges when it's under a certain threshold.
Only tried twice to program it under VirtualPC in XP mode (Win7 64 Ultimate as host), only thing changed is that it seems to lose the connection faster.
I had the feeling that when hitting "program" the USB port gets somthing like a reset signal and does not reconnect fast enough to really start the programming. Could be that the host does not hold the connection long enough. Will try to use libusb for that setup, Win7 might be a bit more reliable when knowing a device.
..and try it on the XP machine once I get back from work.

Still...the empty battery as a possible culprit for not beeing able to program the K3 is a bit troubling. Charging it in a working one could help, but not everyone has two of them lying around. I might convince my girl to lend me her working one, but there should be a possibility to check if the battery is fully charged when no second one is at hand. Any one got the readings of a fully charged battery ?
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