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Originally Posted by Iņigo View Post
Then it's much easier!
Install the requirements and run the script from the command line, as:

$ python
Of course I tried this. It didn't work to me. I suppose because in the folder there must be some particular files, for example, the sqlite3 database. Indeed this the reason why I asked about what is the input?

Originally Posted by Iņigo View Post
Regarding the purpose of the script:
IREX devices store annotations in a special file (in fact the metadata sqlite3 database). This script merges these annotations "drawing" them in the pdf file. I.e., the resulting pdf file has the original pdf document contents plus the annotations drawings.

If I understand you, then there is no relationship with xournal at all. I say so because this post is called "xournal annotation success story". Is this the case?

One more question, I guess this script is only working with the current sqlite format, and not with the old system before the epub update of the DR100S software. Is this the case?
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