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I can tell you that ATK won't work with Win7 64-bit. It won't allow the drivers to install. I had to build a WinXP vm under Virtualbox. I let it install about a billion updates last night It's up and running today, but my bricked kindle seems to have no power. I have it charging on the ac adapter now.

This brings up a question. I was tailing syslog and noticed that the kindle as "SE Blank Ringo" kept connecting and disconnected from usb. This morning it was completely dead. Am I to assume it didnt have enough charge and that's why it was bouncing? I'm hoping charging it all day on the ac adapter will resolve that.

I looked through yifanlu's custom kernel package, and there's what I assumed was the raw uImage in the src folder. The md5sum is fea58fa8877279a70faa7355d9b28bb5. Does this match what you extracted? What I'm not sure about is if I get this flashed, how do I go about flashing the backup of mmcblk0p1? I'm not sure how that kernel exports the mmc block device. it's a hell of a lot easier to dd the img over than mount the img to copy the files. Alternatively, if I were to flash the 650MB img file thru ATK, what location do I use? (And it'll work even though the backup img is from another kindle, yes? there isn't some unique signature per kindle or the like?)

Thanks. I'll take a look at that. I used your extraction shell script to pull out the kernels from a dd copy of the first 32MB of the kindle mmcblk0. I was surprised that it extracted both a main_kernel and a diag_kernel. I thought from the other recovery thread that the K3 didn't have a recovery kernel? or does it simply not have a recovery partition and the recovery done via an embedded initrd in the diag_kernel?
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