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I really hate to bump an old thread but here goes anyway. I've found that I really prefer the Nook tablet over any of my other readers, and I have a few. While I agree that the App Store is lacking in selection, like others in this thread I didn't have any expectation to add a ton of apps to it.

Both my Father and Brother have Nook tablets and after I finally got them to accept my Nook friend requests we can lend books back and forth.

Two of my co-workers have a Kindle Fires, and in comparing the screens there is a very clear difference in quality in the displays. In my opinion the Nook Tab is a far better display. Netflix streams look wonderful, especially the Anime films and shows. Also, for some reason the Nook cover's are absolutely killer as compared to the Kindle covers. I have the easel cover that lets you stand the device up on a table while you read.

As far as price point, I've found the current level's to be more than adequate. In fact it was the $250 price that steered my family in this direction. We all have iPads and those get a tonne of use from family members and especially the kids. The idea of a more dedicated device that does a few other things well and is as beautiful a device as the Nooks really sold me on the device.

As far as selling. I hope they are. We've purchased three, and I recommend it to everyone that I meet to get one.
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