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Originally Posted by leumas View Post
I also have a problem with my usb. I just got a new sensation 4g. Each time i connect it via usb to my laptop all it does is charge. It never shows me options to access my memory card or tether or anything else. Recently i was playing Ninjump game while charging it via usb from a laptop and suddenly the options pop up to make a selection of what to do with usb. I did not copy anything or open my sd card. I did not do anything. I just unplugged it and reconnected it later. Now its back to square one. Please what do you think the problem is?
The Sensation 4G can be configured to automatically make a particular kind of connection. When it displays the various options, there is a check box that is labeled Don't ask again, and if you checked that option, you have both set the default mode and bypassed the selection screen.

Go to Settings, and choose Connect to PC. You can set the Default Connection Type, but even more important, you can put a check mark next to Ask me, which will cause the selection screen to be displayed again.
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