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Originally Posted by olganazo View Post
Hi BensonBear I have some of my epub that cannot get processed by my kobo. I can identify which books seems corrupted (copying one by one). How can I "repair" them ? I have not created them from html.
Unfortunately there is no general answer to that. There is no real way to know what the Kobo is getting confused by. You can examine the files in the epub zip file to see if there is something that is unusual but it could be anything as far as we know. It seems at least one other person has a very similar problem (colons in the names in <a> tags). So you can search for that in the html files. You can just unzip the epub file (it is just a zip file) and use whatever editor you want and then rezip, or it might be easier to get an epub editor such as those mentioned (calibre also has one) and use that to examine and then edit the html files).

Originally Posted by plib
I just went back and checked the original Word file, there are three instances of "Template:" in the offending page. So even though the epub imported into the Touch ok it looks as though the Touch may freeze on rendering colons in tags.
Are these name attributes in <a> tags? I am guessing not, since at least your file was parsed without complaint. It seems like Kobo might have problem with the colons in names in other locations as well. (btw I don't know what Word does but I would not introduced extra middlemen in this process if not necessary). Can you try replacing the "Template:" with something else? If it is just a name attribute value any unique replacement should be okay.

I agree that it's a very inelegant way of handling errors
I believe Kobo is not "handling" an error here, it is *committing* an error. Even if colons are not allowed in name attributes (and why should they not be? everybody else seems to use them and handle them well) Kobo is treating the files incorrectly and it's not just a moot point since it renders using the Kobo a real pain if one has such files.

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