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me too
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i went through the thread you had suggested me,but its too far for a beginner i would like to explain the entire process i went through to create epub
as the first step i had created a folder on the desktop as maepub(is my epub)
then i had added mimetype file and modified it as per the tutorial
(is that required that the content of mimetype should not exceed 20 bytes,i got it from a tutorial)
then i added 2 folders named it as META-INf and OEBPS
then added container.xml and modified as per the tutorial
then in OEBPS added content.html,content.opf,stylesheet.css,tittle.htm l,toc.ncx and an images folder with an image cover.png
after that i had compressd my maepub to get and changed its extension to .epub to get a result as maepub.epub
what i had explained in the post i had posted yesterday
i would like to appreciate paul for his commitment towards my post but i want to learn it from from the baby tips
i would like to know step by step to create an epub ,will you be able to say me that whether i had created my folders correctly ,and please suggest me a step by step solution to get avoided from thoose validation problems i had ,i dont know whether iam out of good sense,but why dont you help me by putting a video for a step by step creation on youtube

it would be really helpful for thoose like me ,who really fight to sustain in this field as a beginner
this one is a humble request please go through it and give me a hand to get me my first ebook done,(i would like to remind you iam working on mac)
any kind of response would appreciated,please dont moke with me while reading this post
because iam only a beginner
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