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Originally Posted by democrite View Post
Does anyone have a favorite Word to ePub maker? I use Atlantis and it has most of the features I want except tables. Have tried a few others like Calibre but I'd prefer to have:

chapters from word headings

Not sure if there's anything that'll do that.
I've tried all kinds of tools recommended here or found with google searches...

The first one I'm really happy with is Adobe InDesign CS 5.5...

I am normally not fond of Adobe, their user interfaces have been all backwards and unintuitive to me (except GoLive) and InDesign has some of that too, where you really need to study the manual first, cause the software UI doesn't make it obvious... but the capabilities are great, I can't think of anything you can't do in it. It has a great, integrated plain text editor too. I mean really integrated, with all the spell checking and search/replace functions you could want. And you have your choice to publish to print, ePub, PDF or html pages. ePubs can be optimized for multiple specific resolutions, so your book will display nice on small screens or big screens with embedded pictures, tables or videos staying where they're supposed to be.

Since Adobe apparently wants print publishers to switch from Quark Xpress to InDesign, they had to make things work in a very precise and predictable manner for print output, and the ePub creation benefits from all those features.

Blablabla, I never thought I'd shill for any expensive, bloated Adobe product, but I like this one. And last time I checked, there was a free 30 day trial to try if it does what you want first, but be ready to use Youtube extensively to figure out how...

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