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Question a few questions

Hey everyone, I have a few questions.

I recall reading somewhere that adept drm employed some kind of tracking so if you would break the drm and that file would be found somewhere on the internet they had some kind of way of tracking you down. And that versions of ineptpdf up to v8 couldnt remove this but versions above 8 did.
Now that ive read through this thread and look at the revisions history i don't see it. The main difference from v7 and 8 seem to be support for FileOpen drm.
So my question is, have i dreamt this?
Or is there some form of tracking function in Adept drm that inepdtpdf up to 8 can't remove?

I hesitated somewhat before posting this because it might seem a bit stupid since nothing of this is noted in the revisions history but I was so sure I read it somewhere I had to make sure and ask.
ps. (im not planning on putting any files with drm removed up on the internet)

Another question.
I got ineptpdf v7.9 from Alf and he is a trusted source. But how do you guys go about getting versions 8+? Cause as far as I know theres no trusted source to get it from. So youre supposed to google it and get it from sites like pasty and pastebin. Most of us are not programmers and don't understand python syntax. Are you never worried that you might get malicious code getting scripts from those kind of sites?
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