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Device: PRS-G1
Hey so I decided to keep the unit, so I opened it up just to see what was inside. Here's the list of chips.

1) 016A, MBCC (top top, right)
2) WM8321G, 17AVKR8, 00C (top, right) (unknown) (
3) F0513A, 1129EM434 (mid, right) (unknown)
4) MCIMX508CVK8B, N78A, CTGK1131L, CHINA (mid, mid right) (arm processor) (
5) NNNIX?, H5MS2G22AFR, J3M 131A, [upsidedownA]TKE0618EA2 (mid, mid left) (dram) (
6) CIRRUS, 42L52CNZ, C1AV1125, MAL (bottom, mid) (sound) (
7) E INK, TOS65181, TI 151, A2ZR G4 (mid, mid left left) (unknown)
8) SanDisk, SDIN5D1-2G, TAIWAN, 1367S0Z1CH (left, bottom bottom) (internal storage memory)
( or (
(11.5 mm x 13 mm x 1.2 mm)
9) HC4067BQ, L1D3L701, UnD133B (left, bottom mid) (16 channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer) (
10) VM15AD, LMV65, 4MT (left, middle) (unknown)
11) HC4067BQ, L1D3L701, UnD1338 (left, top) (16 channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer) (
12) M430, F2272, T1 J18K, CQQK G4 (mid top, mid left left) (ultra low power micro controller) (
13) 4011, WC120 (top, left)
14) 2600P, E18RA (top, mid left)
15) 8YK, 16J, PNJ8 (top, mid)
The flash memory chip looks like it's a SDIN5D1-2G. I was a little sad because it looks like these types of chips are very hard to re-solder because they are BGA packages. The interesting part is they appear to be the same chips as are used in some usb flash drives, so if I could unsolder and resolder I could in theory dump it from a usb flash drive.
Here's a good video for how to solder and unsolder BGA packages.

I'm going to go down to the electronics district this weekend and see if I can find myself an assortment of low capacity sandisk usb flash drives and open afew up to see if they use compatible chips. Then maybe try my hand at de-soldering and resoldering one afew times.

Also i found these which should do the trick, so I might order a couple of these to test with!

If anyone knows anything about jtag and can comment on what the the test points and jtag points might be on the back of the board. Or knows of a good site where I can go to find out how to test for jtag, serial points it might save me having to try and de-solder the nand memory.

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