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Thanks for the update of i62HD. The device is really great but there are still some minor annoyances:

I noticed that some icon labels have an unwanted line break in some localizations. So, some two line labels become a three line label, now. The third line is nearly unreadable because it reaches out of the icon spaces.
I am not shure, if it was the same way before, I just mentioned it.

Also some dictionaries crashes immediatly, now. They work in the last firmware. Now, only the original built-in dictionary works flawlessly.

Unfortunately, CoolReader has serious problem with several epubs. CoolReader crashes suddenly when it tries to open an epub. When it opens an ePub it has some problems with special characters, which FBReader opens just fine. But FBReader show other problems like inconstitent page numeration and has some other features missing, I like on CoolReader and vice versa.

Even if the above might sound so bad: It isn't. The device is still beautiful and I hope to give some feedback will improve future versions of the firmware.

Many thanks,

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