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RTL - can Calibre help?

Calibre, as far as I know, is not working on Android phones and I use now Cool Reader (CR) which I like a lot. I transferred ePub book, in Hebrew, to my cell and after adding some fonts to my cell I can see the book in Hebrew but it's directed wrong, LTR instead of RTL. So, for example, instead of showing "Look Here" it will read "Kool Ereh".

I didn't find a setting on CR to change to RTL and I wonder if Calibre can create the ePub file (from Word document) and change the direction so CR which changes direction anyway will change it to the right direction.
By the way, Calibre is smart enough to read the file properly (RTL) but CR can't do it, or I simply didn't find the right setting.

I also tried to save the file with Word, with LTR, and create ePub with the "wrong direction" so CR will change its direction but I didn't find a way to change direction with Word 2007.

Any idea?
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