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Lightbulb Library Row Height Shrunk How Can I Reset It?

Hi all,

Very happy Calibre user here. I recently had to move the location of my library to a new drive, and one unpleasant side-effect of the otherwise smooth move is that Calibre has started displaying my list of books in single-line rows, where it used to display them in a more spacious arrangement with generous vertical space between books.

Now, I can drag the handles of the rows and space things out but only (it seems) individually, so I can't evenly re-space all of the rows as I'd like. Since I have quite a number of books I'd prefer not to have to do this manually.

It's a silly issue to run into but it makes reading through the list of books a bit more annoying and I'd rather just return to the previous, more spacious, layout settings.

Is there any way to accomplish this? Maybe a setting somewhere that I've missed? I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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