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Originally Posted by JPS View Post
Hi !

I'm very desapointed by the iBooks software delivered with the iPad: I was used to the way I could sort out and find my latest read books in my Sony PRS-650, and I can't do that on the iPad !

I have more than 1000 books stored, and I prefer to carry only my iPad with me instead of having to drag along ALSO the Sony !

Is there an Ebook reader made for iPad, in which I can sort my books in different ways, like reading date, storing date, title, author, etc... ?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advices !

If you have 1000+ books stored then Bluefire might not be the best app to use. Unless the memory issue has been resolved then you will only be able to store approximately 350-500 books. I can't recall how many books I had loaded but the app continuously crashed when I tried to read a book. Once I reduced the number of books stored to under 500 then it was OK. I gave up on Bluefire and am currently using ShuBook and have 2000+ stored on my iPad. I haven't seen anything to indicate that this issue with Bluefire has been resolved but I may have missed something.
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