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Nook Calibre Issues


I've been scouring the forums for days now trying to find an answer, but nothing seems to work - sorry if some of you have seen this question before.

I have around 300 books (epub) on my calibre library

I connected my Nook Glowlight to Calibre, it connected just fine

I sent all my books to my device (storage A - an 8 GB kingston MicroSD)

All books were sent over, and the green check showed up in Calibre


When I open my library on my device, it's only showing 79 books (basically the authors from A-C, and nothing beyond.

I then tried to manually load the epub files (the epub files themselves, first try, and then the folders with the authors name) onto my Nook by dragging them into the Documents folder on my Micro SD. All the books transferred over (319), but only about 80 of them had covers and were openable. The others showed up, but had an error: Error Dialog (Sorry, cannot open this book). The ones that could not open did not have any cover info, and unlike the books the opened fine (had cover, title, and below the title in non bold font author name), the books that didn't work just had a file name (example Catching Fire_How) in one line.

I'm thinking that there's a problem with the epubs but when i drag them into the device memory, even the books that didn't work before opened fine.

This is really strange - please help me, I'm at a complete loss, and I've been trying for 3 days, searching the net and forums.

Thanks in advance

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