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Unhappy Kindle Touch stuck in diagnostics mode! Please help!

So basically, I just recently got my Kindle Touch and so I decided to jailbreak it. I followed all the instructions from the given README file. But when I got to the part where it was needed for me to go onto the diagnosis page/mode I had trouble with the empty file. When I finally figured it out, I went onto the diagnosis page and pressed the Exit, Reboot or Desable Diags button, then Reboot and the To Continue. As it said in the instructions I was supposed to do it twice and after the first time when it showed the Jailbreak screen I Rebooted again and it was supposed to go back to normal kindle mode. But I have probably rebooted the kindle about 20 times by now and it wouldn't go back into normal/main usual kindle working mode. I am really desperate for a way to get out of this screen. I am also fairly new so I have no idea about all those apps and hacking programmes for kindles. I am so sorry if this has occurred with any other thread, but I spent about two days searching for an answer and couldn't find one. I have tried holding the shut down/sleep button down for long. Rebooting and pressing exit. When connected to my laptop the kindle isn't seen. Thank you for your time.
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