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I have purchased a PRS-G1 which is the newer PRS-T1 model that supports mobile internet in Japan. I was hopping to root it but I have read a number of threads and it appears this may not be possible.

A number of dead ends it would seem.
1) One user seems unable to dump the firmware and receives errors.

2) I thought I might be able to dump the firmware using the method described as part of the rescue and full backup restore described here.

Then from the backups I might be able to get help from porkupan to make a hacked firmware as he said he might be able to do for the Japanese T1 version here. The problem is I don't think you can do a backup until you already have rooted the unit... And to root the unit you need to be able to connect with ebook_msc or be able to use an sd recover (which doesn't appear to be working for the trs-g1, but please correct me if I'm wrong)

But upon further reading it appears that the T1 (both us and japanese) do not use encryption whilst the T1 (russian) and the G1 (japanese) both use encryption. Perhaps even signed by a private key which I have no idea how to break. Although people seem to have rooted the russian reader (does this imply the private key is not necessary to root the unit?)

This left me altogether confused. I haven't yet unpackaged the unit from the box as I wanted to get all the files ready incase it turned out it wasn't possible to root the G1. It looks like only afew people have tried and they gave up or their questions were left unanswered. Anyways I'm happy to try any technique that's available to root the G1 if someone who has successfully rooted the russian T1 is willing to guide me through the process of dumping the software contents, extracting encryption keys (should it be required), and building a recovery sd package.

I'm very new to all of this and willing to have a go at this if the odds of success are relatively high (say above 70%). If I don't hear back from anyone who can guide me through the process in the next week I will just take the unit back to the store and exchange it for a T1, as that seems to be a pretty solid and tested rootable device. The T1 meets all my requirements but if there's interest out there to try and root the G1 and people think its possible I'm happy to have a go at it.

any feedback, suggestions or links to other threads you think may help would be appreciated.


EDIT: I also did some hunting around on another forum and found the following back and forth between oloo and boroda. It appears that oloo was unable to get "ebook_msc.exe name "PRS-G1" get /init.rc" to work and never replied to boroda. I wonder if the reason it doesn't work is because of the encryption?

EDIT2: I'm really keen to have a go at this I just wonder if I can get it to boot the rupor-rescue.7z on the prs-g1 as that seems to be the thing that needs to be done to make a backup of the partitions according to.
I wanted to know if putting rupor-rescue.7z on an sd card and booting it could potentially brick my device or not. As long as it doesn't brick the device I can always sell it used for a small loss so I'de be willing to try.

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