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Smashwords 2012 summer/winter sale: 6 of my books 1/2 price at Smashwords

Follow the Smashwords link to get 50% off the price of 6 of my books. (Hubris will be up for a separate promotion with the upcoming release of Greed, book 2 of the Charity Deacon Investigations).

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I'll take advantage of this thread by plugging my series. You can find them on my website on Smashwords and on Amazon all priced regularly at $2.99.

The Quinn Larson Quests: The Quinn Larson Quests is a series based in a strange magical world, hidden in everyday objects and familiar places. With spells built of willpower wrapped around mundane things, Quinn finds his way through danger and loss, scheming and combat, all only a step away from the bright, normal streets of Vancouver.

The Charity Deacon Investigations: The Charity Deacon Investigations is a mystery thriller series in the best traditions of the genre. Follow Charity as she hunts for the truth, whatever it may be, armed only with her wits and the iron-clad determination to do what is right even if her own life is in mortal danger.

The Madeline Journeys: The world of Cartref, with its everyday magic and strange denizens, comes alive in the pages of P.A. Wilson's novels. Madeline searches for a place of her own in a strange land, and for the strength to battle her inner and outer demons.
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