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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
The only real way to convert PDF to another format is after the conversion, you HAVE to take the PDF and the converted file and A/B compare every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every letter, every punctuation mark and every style. There's no way to convert a novel length PDF to anything else without errors and the A/B compare is the only way to be sure of no conversion errors.
Really the typesetting and layout of document is more or less a one off piece of art from the typesetter. It is futile and a waste of time to bother trying to retain anything other than the data in the document.

And generally you can grab the text of the book without any corruption in my experience. I am happy to just extract the text and the images from a pdf and accept just text if I have to. Since thats what is important, well to me at least.

Anyways... good post, but damn PDF is a disgusting format technically and usability wise.
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