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Question Kobo and Blackberry Playbook

Apologies if somewhere somehow my questions have already been answered... However, believe me, I've searched. I understand how forums work, I turn to them for various problems i encounter in the tech world. In this case, i'm a novice in the e-book community and find it difficult to find a solution to my situation... Thanks in advance for reading and suggesting solutions if you have any Here it goes...

I own a Blackberry Playbook and have the Kobo Reader app installed on it. I purchased and downloaded my first book for it recently. My wife did the same thing. Now she wants to buy a Kobo touch like her friend has.
  1. Is it possible to "transfer" her book from my account to hers?
  2. Are the books stored somewhere on my playbook or my PC?
  3. If so... where?
  4. is it possible to transfer a non DRM e-pub from the Kobo touch to the Playbook?
  5. How do i know what format the books i purchased are in?

While searching the forums yesterday, I found a thread concerning "Calibre". I downloaded and installed it. It seems to be working ok since i was able to read a e-pub book with the Calibre reader on my PC. I couldn't open it before. When i sent it to my playbook, the headings (Chapter titles etc) were cut off but the body of text was all there until i reached page 12 of 1408... Page 12 and up were blank on the Playbook using the Kobo App. On the PC it came out fine...

Any suggestions is helpfull and appreciated!

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