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Accessing Library OK, but books are on local drive

Originally Posted by itimpi View Post
That is not quite right. The path includes the database filename so in your case this means it should be set to c:\mybooks\metadata.db
That worked better.. now i can get into the library.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the environment variable.

I've got the variable set for a local drive c:\mybooks\metadata.db
I've to the actual .epubs on a NAS drive "z:\shared\ebooks"

If I add a epub from the Z drive, it does show up in my library, but it is also copied to my c:\mybooks folder. I was expecting that the book would NOT be copied to the c:\mybooks, but rather referenced by the Library and reside on the Z:\shared\ebooks folder.

I'm sure I missed something, but right now it doesn't seem much different than if I had all the ebooks on my local drive...

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