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feature suggestions

I love Briss! I'm an academic and I honestly use it almost every day. Given my heavy use, I have a number of feature requests that I think would really improve the program:

1. Make the default to NOT exclude any pages rather than popping up every time. You can make it an option and just re-load afterwards. I can never remember whether I need to exclude pages, I need to see the file first, so I always have to load and re-check it in Acrobat.

2. One way to do this would be to automatically preview the first 4 or 6 pages so I can see the beginning to see if I need to exclude those; which is what I want to exclude 95% of the time that I exclude anything.

3. It probably seems obvious to you but it is not obvious to beginning users how to add a 2nd rectangle. There should be a toolbar button or at least a right-click context option. At first, I was trying to copy and paste the first triangle, but copy/paste is buggy and hard to understand.

4. Why does clicking on a rectangle not just toggle select/unselect? It seems to be the obvious best solution. The current process is frustrating.

5. You should have a 'select all' and 'deselect all' option on the toolbar or right-click menu.

6. I find it frustrating that I cannot select outside all of the pages and move the page around using a grab tool. My mouse wheel doesn't work either; I have to use the window toolbars.

7. I want an 'align' button to align selected rectangles vertically/horizontally within and across pages.

8. I would like a way to select multiple rectangles and have all of them mimic size and location changes I make to one of them, in real time, such as making a rectangle larger with the pull tool.

9. I would like a way to increase/decrease the rectangle size in small increments with the keyboard.

10. It would be good to have a way to preview the pages unmerged and then select/deselect the pages you want to merge before cropping.

11. A more difficult-to-implement request but it would be super-useful. You may work mostly with recent articles with perfect layouts. I often need Briss to fix old books scanned from photocopies that don't always align well. It is very difficult with a long document, such as a book, to identify the page(s) that are not aligned properly. If I have a 200 pg. book and in the merged preview I need to find out what page is causing a problem, I have to open in Acrobat and search through. When I find it, I have to exclude the page by hand, save, open in Briss, etc. you get the idea. And I don't always guess correctly. It would be very helpful to figure out a way to make this process easier. One way would be to have a 'show single page' checkbox with forward/back arrows next to the merged preview, and a box showing which page is being previewed. When you come to a page that doesn't align, allow the user to mark it or allow the user to re-position the box on that one page only right then and there.

Thanks for considering these changes! You have saved me many dozens of hours of painful copy-paste work in Acrobat!
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