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Originally Posted by Zeno_ View Post
If I am not mistaking, with this you can reset your rooted PRS-T1 back to like it was when you first got it, so you can turn it in for warranty?

I might be terribly mistaking.
But if that is the case why does rooting 'will void warranty'? How can they know you messed with it using this?

I'm considering rooting my device, but if it inevitably voids warranty then I don't even have to think about it...
nothing will go wrong unless you know what you are doing...

rooting will not void warranty as you can restore to the factory firmware at anytime...but it will if you end up with a bricked device (dead device unable to start) which is probably due to not paying enough attention on instructions..

Rooting is safe but be cautious when you manually alter the partitions and boot files which is not required in most cases unless you really want to play with it..

use the packages provided in , rooting is safer if you pay attention to instructions...
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