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lunohod - funny you should say that!

My last upgrade from Bookeen followed these steps:

Our technical team has worked on a way to upgrade the Cybook without using a SD card.

First of all you need to download the firmware upgrade and change the name of the update kernel file for: cybook_upgrade

Then, we invite you to follow this procedure:

1) The Cybook has to be well charged

2) Connect the device to a computer via the USB cable

3) Turn it on; the connected screen appears

4) Copy the Cybook_upgrade at the root of the Cybook (beside the folders “ebooks”, “pictures”…)

5) Once the file is in the Cybook, take the USB cable off. The installation of the firmware upgrade has to begin.

6) After about 2 minutes the light of the device flashes, wait a little bit.

7) Push the reset button (the device turns off and the light as well)

8) Plug back the USB cable and switch the Cybook on

9) Access the internal memory of the Cybook. The Cybook_upgrade file must have disappeared. If it is not the case, delete it.

10) Disconnect the Cybook, wait until the library appears

11) Congratulations! Your Cybook has been upgraded.
I just assumed that the SD card method would still work - and that is what I have been trying with OI.

So, I'm thinking, should I (1) keep the SD card with OI and rename update_kernel to cybook_upgrade or (2) move the openinkpot folder & cybook_upgrade into the root folder?

I'll try (1) first and see what happens...
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