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Originally Posted by capidamonte View Post
If you're looking for moral support for dropping BV as an editor, I'm offering it.

A simple Display View of how it looks, without any ability to edit would be fine with me (assuming it can actually display things like embedded fonts, etc.)
In my case one example of a situation, where Book view is needed, is editing books in Czech language, where I often have to replace ASCII quotation marks with the proper Unicode quotes in Czech (example: „quoted text“). Many other languages use the same quotation marks. I use regular expressions to replace the opening ASCII quotation mark with a different character than the closing one. If I do it in Code view, the quotes in HTML tags are replaced as well (bad).

However, for this and other situations it would be enough to be able to exclude HTML tags in Search and Replace. Moreover Search and Replace in Book view isn't able to go through all files. I would be happy if there was one more checkbox "Exclude HTML tags" in Search and Replace dialog in Code view.

One more thing: I realized, that if I replace a hyphen with an en dash, the code – is inserted in the code view instead of unicode character "–", even if I enter "–" as the replacement text. That happens after clicking "Replace all". If I replace individually by clicking "Replace", the unicode character is inserted. I think it should be either one way or the other, not both. And I prefer inserting the unicode character (if I wanted to insert – I could enter it as replacement text).
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