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Originally Posted by pchrist7 View Post
Hi kater
Let's have some more info, please.

Try running Calibre in debug mode and post debug messages when you have the crash.
One way of doing this, is starting cmd and then type calibre-debug -g
The cmd window should show Calibre's debug output that might help you/us on.
Cheers, Per
I followed the post of pwalker8 "You know if you go to the calibre site and report the issue, you will probably get a better answer. They are usually pretty quite to respond." and posted there.
The answer I got from Kovid is that this is a result of using the "Calibre style" under Look and Feel>Main Interface and at User inrterface instead of "Calibre style" select "System default".
This DID NOT solve the continuous crashes and Kovid suggested to downgrade to a previous version.

Today (26.06.2012) there is a new Calibre version out (o.8.58) which I shall test and post whether it solves the problem.
Thank you kindly fro your interest and I shall keep you posted on this, as it may happen to anyone.

By the way, another user installed QuickTime and reported that problem was solved, but I absolutely dislike QuickTime, so I did NOT test this solution.
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