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Unhappy Kindle : go to beginning and default start location issues.

Ok, so this is a weird one and I can't find anything useful through google which is normally the font of all knowledge. I'm not 100% sure where this issue lies - I do though suspect its more software / mobi format as opposed to a device issue though, reasoning below.

I (well, my wife) has a Kindle keyboard. I use calibre to manage a library of ~ 9,000 books. However recently (i.e. the last few weeks - its difficult to be precise as the books tend to be batch loaded to kindle) all mobi files which are transferred to the kindle have a default start location which is towards the end of the book (typicall 99% through!). Using the 'go to beginning' function on the kindle will take you to this location. However, I can left arrow back through the chapters to get to the beginning.

I should stress this is for all books newly converted from epub to mobi as well as books which have been in mobi format for a while (converted using calibre). I have used kindlegen which also displays the same issues. Books downloaded directly from Amazon do NOT suffer this.

I have rebooted the kindle several times but I haven't yet factory reset it (as I mentioned books downloaded from the amazon site don't exhibit any issues).

This is proving to be massively frustrating and I'd be grateful of any help.

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