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Originally Posted by cybmole View Post
i recently liberated a couple of free-to-buy books ( in order to tweak) that contained "professional" styling courtesy of Adobe.

easily recognised as they have 2 stylesheet links per page with lots of what seems to be boiler plate styles for everything possible on the extra stylesheet.

now to my eyes the extra styling just looks bad on an e-reader device. the body text is surrounded by big margins on all sides and in at least one case it is also aligned left, not justified. thus lots of wasted white space on the reader screen. Chapter title styling is of baroque complexity

is there a case FOR styling like this & I'm just not used to it, or is it really intended only for printed editions & left in due to publisher laziness ?

PS the extra stylesheet is called called page-template.xpgt. do all ADE books contain this & is it the same in every book ?

(I zap the extra stylesheet link with find/replace - it only seems to control page borders, then re-run through calibre to add sensible @page defaults everywhere )
What's wrong with left aligned text? I much prefer it to justified text. With justified text, the spacing between words differs from line to line. I find it much more pleasing to have a constant flow to the text rather than having to read out to the right margin every line because of extraneous spacing between words.

Justified text is really only necessary for multi-column pages where the right margin of the first column looks better if it is lined up vertical against the left margin of the second column. Other than that, justification is a joke.
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