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Is it possible to get last read position sync between Calibre and Moon+ Reader Pro?

All my reading is juggled between the time I'm on my PC and outside, so I have my books all set up on Calibre on the PC, and have them show up on my phone because I have located my default Calibre library inside the Dropbox folder.
I have "favorited" the ebooks in the Dropbox window on my phone and imported them into Moon+Reader from the scratch files location where Dropbox stores the favorites, temporarily.
The books work perfectly fine on both devices individually, but try as I might, I can never get either device to sync up my last read position.
I have even tried activating the " Sync reading positions via Dropbox" option in Moon+ reader, but all it does, is create some extra metafiles. No sync happens
Can somebody guide me thru a method that lets me sync my reading positions across both these platforms?
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