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NRC ePaper is great

The NRC epaper edition is absolutely great. It is amazing how people can get so obsessed with flaws in a product that they don't see the beauty of it anymore. See for instance Arno's post.

I have been NRC epaper reader for a number of months now. I like it so much that I don't read the paper edition anymore (while it is still delivered at my door everyday..). It has a large number of advantages over the paper edition.

It reads easier, because the iLiad is much smaller and because you don't need to search for articles on too large sheets of paper..

It is delivered 1-4 hours earlier than the paper edition.

It is much cheaper than the paper edition of NRC.

All old newspapers can easily be stored. If I want to read the friday newspaper of last week, no problem, I just click on it and there it is.. Compare this to searching for a newspaper in a large pile of paper..

I can download it anywhere in the world. It works for all standard Wifi networks that do not use special logins. So all home networks and in many cases also networks in hotels can be used (also secure networks). Recently I downloaded and read the NRC everyday in the middle of nowhere in Siberia. This for only a few Euro's a year! Great deal. Absolutely wonderful.

It is more comfortable than reading the internet online edition of NRC (which is available too). The font used is just perfect.

I can combine the experience of reading my newspaper with reading scientific articles, making notes, drawing sketches, reading downloaded opera libretti, reading free (or payed for) books. Just amazing. And this all with one device.

It is completely cool.

The daily download works flawless (I never had ANY problems, even with obscure wifi points).

It has some flaws, yes. The layout could be better. The navigation could be a bit easier. The scrambling is sometimes a bit annoying. But this occurs in less than 1 percent of the articles or so.

So, I sincerely hope NRC continues with this project. I am willing to pay for this 'half-baked product' (ref. Arno Wouters). Also, it works fine in combination with OS X. I just read-write to a CF card using a card reader! No problems whatsoever.
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