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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
[COLOR="DarkRed"]EDIT: Done! Hostar's images are 4.0.0, according to the post immediately before that linked post. It looks like we need a mirror for now that it is banned and blocked in Turkey (at least by the ISP I am now using).
So, mmcblk0p1.img 4.0.1 works with kernel 4.0.0 and mmcblk0p1.img 4.0.1 doesn't work with kernel 4.0.1.
I didn't try to flash mmcblk0p1.img 4.0.0 with dd's command, 4.0.1 works fine.

Does the diags partition and diags kernel also update with new firmware 4.1.0? How to check main kernel and diags kernel version in my Kindle? It looks like 4.0.1 fw update didn't change diags_kernel.

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