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Unhappy Mobi Conversion & Kindle Fire

I was wondering if anyone else seemed to have this problem. When I convert a file and use it on my Kindle Fire it will randomly not let me get past an area in a book. If I'm at 5%, then it will go to the next page, then back to the previous one, to the next one, back to the previous one. It won't let me get past a certain point, even by entering a location number, without scrolling with the location bar and well, missing out on what ends up being a page or two of the book itself. I've had this problem with several books I've converted. What I find weird is that....

1) When I view the file in Calibre on my computer it's fine.
2) The same thing doesn't happen on a Kindle 2 when I tested the same file.

This just started happening, as far as I know, about maybe two weeks ago. Is this a Calibre issue? A Fire issue? Anyone have any ideas?
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