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Newbie with Major Conversion Issues

Hi, all. I have a conversion issue that seems a bit different, though, in trying to fix the problem I have duplicated everybody else's problems!!

I use Mathtype in Word 10 under Windows 7. The docx documents look great. The conversion to HTML (filtered ) works great. The import into Calibre seems to work except that the equations are half a line off. Actually, the line of text is suppressed half a line and the placement of the equations seems correct.

I tried to go to a PDF document. It looks great. Calibre renders the first page OK and the rest is....not so good. In fact, a direct docx import does not go to completion and throws off an error.

So, Calibre seems to be mishandling something in the HTML....and I don't pretend to understand the switches in it. I lack the vocabulary and experience.

Is it possible that a direct upload...and I should probably have done this before writing this Amazon in HTML format might turn out OK using what has to be a conversion engine on steroids up there in the cloud.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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