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I'm starting to dislike digg more and more as I'm starting to see a significant number of posts to either:

1. Extremely outdated stories

2. Irresponsible propoganda

3. "Stories" with very little substance that appear to be nothing more than a way for people to attract digg traffic to their own blogs (that have Google Adsense ads, BTW) like this one and this one.

Whatever digg is doing for moderation (nothing), it doesn't appear to be working. The quality and credibility of the stories at digg is sorely lacking and quickly declining. Communities have to moderate and police themselves, and when they don't, they'll quickly break down.

Originally Posted by TadW
Too much moderation sucks. No moderation sucks too. Now, as far as I understood the idea behind Digg, it is the whole community who is charge for moderating content. Of course, if the whole community is a bunch of pirates happily spreading links to pirated e-books, then what should have been moderated becomes promoted instead.
After watching an episode of The Broken where Kevin Rose (one of the creators of digg) openly endorsed piracy, I wasn't that surprised that links to pirated e-book sites were "dugg".

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